It takes more than a great idea and a passion to solve one of the greatest problems facing us today. You need an amazing team that supports each other with great leadership working behind the scenes to help that team thrive and grow. Without our amazing team of people we could not have come so far so quickly. Our ability to learn, and translate that learning into rapid action rapid gives us our drive and competitive edge.

Sytewave was founded in 2021 in Brisbane, Australia whose global mission is to help utilities and large infrastructures rapidly identity leaks to minimize the damage and loss to our planet.

While we are just a start up with big ambitions, we have already proven our technology works in a pilot program here in Queensland, Australia.

We use our patented Sytewave™ to listen for patterns that leaks make in water. This information is sent to our cloud servers to analyze and calculate the data on a map.

Yes, we invented this process to detect leaks. And we are the only company in the world able to locate leaks across a wide area so quickly.

Our system is designed for large networks of pipes. We typically work with utilities, farms, and large cities to identify leaks. We charge am annual fee per square km to monitor and analyze data for leaks. A typical customer saves around 70% of their annual costs from water loss.

Saving Water.

Water leaks are a global problem with pipes and infrastructure again rapidly. With our Artificial Intelligence and sytewave technology, we aim to solve this. And for every leak we find, that’s a savings in a city’s budget that can go to education, resources, and programs to enrich our communities. A win-win for everyone.


We actively monitor your water network year round to find leaks rapidly.

Always There For You

We actively support our clients 24/7/365.

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Our reporting system lets you know where to find leaks within minutes.

Fanatical Service

We are fanatical about services our clients.

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We encrypt our data in the cloud to ensure the quality of our reports.

Secure Data in the Cloud

Get an instant report securely when leaks are found.

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When we save water, we actually create more jobs in every jurisdiction we serve. Plus the savings for processing water, transporting it and maintaining it becomes a whole lot cheaper.

Saving Water