Slide Monitor for water leaks in real time with amazing accuracy over a wide area network with the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and ingenuity. Advanced A.I.
Leak Detection
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How it Works.

Our advanced leak detection, monitoring and analysis system is far advanced from anything on the market today to rapidly find and report leaks in real time. Our patented technology does not require a water system to be turned off and we can detect multiple leaks from up to 10km away in seconds with an accuracy within one square metre. Sounds incredible because it truly is!

  • Cloud Based Architecture – For rapid alerts and reporting.
  • Real Time Monitoring – Don’t wait for leaks to cause damage.

  • Secure – No service interruptions to your water service.

  • Reliable – Accuracy to within one square metre.

  • Deployable Anywhere – Ready for any leak challenge.

  • Superior Technology – Advanced patented technology.

A Global Problem

More than 91 billion gallons of water are lost through our drinking water supply networks every day across the globe. If this volume of water loss was reduced by just 30 percent, 800 million people could be supplied with already treated water.

In the USA, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, utilities lose  a staggering 1.7 trillion gallons (6.46 trillion litres) per year through distribution system leaks, at a cost of $2.6 billion USD. Much of this wasted, treated water is lost through the 240,000 water main breaks that take place annually across the United States. And with many older pipes outlasting their intended life expectancy, break rates have seen an increase of 27 percent over the last six years.


We combine artificial intelligence with machine learning to deploy a harmless Sytewave™ in a water system to rapidly determine the exact location of leaks.

Our state of the art cloud based monitoring system works for you all year round to find leaks immediately.
Giving you peace of mind.

Let us help you save millions of dollars annually with our unique leak detection system.